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What people are saying about

The Love In Our Tears


“A mixture of laughter and tears, joy and pain, and I absolutely couldn’t put it down.” – R

“laced with Southern Charm and humor.” – J

“Written with such eloquence. “- K

“this was genuine and reeked of love. Love of the geography and its people.” – L

“Beautifully written love story of two people that find each other again. Moving and poetically written.” – A


 Just what your book lover wants!



A wonderful romantic escape into  Southern Appalachian Culture.


Available as an eBook, paperback or hardcover.

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“When Fact Met Fiction” follows the story of how Jon Frank aka “Nathaniel Embers”, a young romance novelist and Olivia Smith, a fresh out of college technical editor end up working together at Southern Sunset, a small up and coming southern lifestyle magazine.

Olivia is focused on her career and doesn’t want to fall in love. Jon is carefree and is doing everything in his power to make her fall in love.

Watch the personalities clash and the sparks fly on the NEW web-series “When Fact Met Fiction”, filmed in Asheville, NC.


Turn your coffee break into a special time of pampering yourself. It only takes about 10 minutes to watch an episode or read a story.

When Fact Met Fiction

or read one of

Jon Frank’s Stories

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