Nathaniel Embers releases new novella, The Love In Our Tears

Nathaniel Embers releases new novella, The Love In Our Tears
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Genre: Romantic Fiction
Tags: appalachian romantic fiction, Blue Ridge Mountains, community, family, humor, love, Recommended Books, romantic Fiction, Southern Appalachian Romance
Publisher: East Stream Group, LLC
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN: 099103421X
In the novella, The Love In Our Tears, Nathaniel Embers introduces the story of Elenora Reese (Ele), Boone Buchanan, Uncle Hoyt, and others on Ele's return to the fictional small Southern Appalachian valley town of Wayah, NC. She comes riddled with regrets, secrets and faded memories she had nearly let herself forget. Can the care of family, friends, and a rekindled love bring Ele comfort during the most trying time of her life? The Love in Our Tears is a quick and fun read that provides a romantic escape to the crazy and curious way of life that still exists in the deepest parts of the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina.
About the Book
Nathaniel Embers Appalachian romance writer
Nathaniel Embers

In The Love In Our Tears Nathaniel Embers takes us to a place that feels almost otherworldly. A world deeply rooted in mountain tradition. The essence of the people of Wayah, North Carolina is one of family, friendship and community. And there is nothing superficial about the commitment these people have toward one another. They love accept and look out for each other in a way that the outside world has lost sight of.

Elenora Reese had all but forgotten how special the people of this rural community were until she has to return to her roots to care for her aging uncle. Though people looking in from the outside may judge these mountain folk of being backward or simple, Ele is about to be reminded that they are in fact, caring, selfless and strong.

The Love In Our Tears is the beautiful story of what the love of what community is supposed to look like.

An Introduction to Nathaniel Embers

Entertaining and prolific, Embers has been writing since he was a child, but it wasn’t until he was out of college and had returned to his beloved Blue Ridge Mountains that he began writing what has become known as Appalachian romance. He now boasts four bestselling novellas. And is already working on his fifth story to be released sometime in 2017.

The Almost Real Nathaniel Embers

In actuality Embers is the alter ego of Jon Frank played by Jeff Alexander on the new, hit web-series, WHEN FACT MET FICTION (YouTube and Vimeo). The Love In Our Tears marks a new way for the creators of WFMF to extend the romance and wit of the show to bookstores in both print and E-book formats.

The Truly Real Nathaniel Embers

All told, The Love In Our Tears is in fact the work of award-winning fiction writer, David W. Rogers. Rogers has several plays and shorts stories under his belt including the short story “Honeydew,” which won the 2013 Thomas Wolfe Award for Short Fiction, and is featured in Haint Blue, his new collection of short stories available in print and digital formats in 2017.

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