East Stream Studio’s Web-series “When Fact Met Fiction” Greenlights Season 2 with Mother-Son Team at the Helm

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East Stream Studio builds on the successful first season of “When Fact Met Fiction” by green-lighting production of Season 2. Co-creators, Stefan Liner and Robin Liner, again, leverage their tag-team directing approach to bring the next eight, 10-minute episodes to post-production by late Summer 2017.


ASHEVILLE, NC, APRIL 11, 2017 – East Stream Studio (ESS) is pleased to announce the green-light for the second season of its romantic comedy, web-series “When Fact Met Fiction” (WFMF). WFMF is a present-day sitcom, and follows the love interest between a secretly famous romance novelist, Jon Frank, and an up-and-coming technical editor, Olivia Smith. The two end up working together at a lifestyle magazine in the fictional, southern town of Walterville, NC. Part of what makes this show so fun, though, are all the other characters that make up the ensemble cast. Along with romance, the series has a heavy theme of family accented by small town humor.

“Yes, the main storyline follows the romance between Jon and Olivia, but the environment in which this story develops is set in the office of a small, woman-owned business in a rural southern town. Each character has their quirks, but in the end, they’re all there for each other because they see each other as family. It’s a charming, scripted show suitable for all-ages and, at least in the web-series world, somewhat of a rarity,” says Robin Liner.

Just as family is a prevalent theme in WFMF, family is also a prevalent theme among the co-creators of the show. They are the mother-son team Robin Liner and Stefan Liner. Stefan is an indie filmmaker and his mother Robin is a screenplay writer. They officially launched East Stream Studio at the beginning of 2016 with a vision to professionally write and produce films, tv shows and content for the web from Western North Carolina and the Greater Southeast area.

“I’ve grown up here in the mountains of WNC, and I’ve always enjoyed entertaining people – making them laugh if I can. This place, and the people here, are so wonderful. For years, I’ve worked with some of the best storytellers right in “my own backyard.” I want to be a part of giving these amazing people a sandbox to play in…a means to bring their stories to the rest of the world,” says Stefan Liner.

In August 2016, East Stream Studio gave a small cast and crew of 18 people the opportunity to play in that sandbox when they filmed the entire first season of WFMF in just over 54 hours on a boot-strapped budget of $12,000.

“The production of Season 1 was exciting, but definitely came with it’s challenges. Many of the cast and crew had never worked together before. I was blown away at how efficient we were, and at the quality of show that we got considering our time constraints. Truly, an amazing cast and crew,” says Stefan Liner.

Every set and crew has it’s own culture, and although production only lasted for 4 ½ days, it was plenty of time for the cast and crew to experience the tag-team directing approach that Stefan and Robin use when on set.

“Last season, I was the series director, but there were many scenes, especially the more romantic ones that I let Mom direct because she had a better grasp on what needed to happen performance-wise. I tend to be big picture and more comedy oriented. Mom is great at dialogue and romance. We both have our strengths and our weaknesses, and somehow we’ve figured out how to pass the baton to each other without stepping on each other’s toes,” says Stefan Liner

This year, Stefan, Robin and the crew of WFMF have just launched their first crowdfunding campaign to raise $120,000 to produce Season 2.

“People ask me why we’re raising $120,000 for Season 2 when we made Season 1 for $12,000. The main reason is because we want to take the show to the next level production-wise, and to do that we need more time on set and in post-production. More time equals more money. We’re committed to the story, and we’re committed to paying the people that help us tell the story. Everyone that works on our sets gets paid,” says Stefan Liner.

East Stream Studio will be running their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign until Thursday, May 11th. Currently, they are scheduled to begin production this June, with plans to release new episodes for Season 2 starting this Fall. If you would like to participate in the crowdfunding campaign, watch episodes from Season 1, or just get more information about WFMF, you can visit the show’s official website at http://www.WhenFactMetFiction.com.

If you have any further questions concerning this article please email us at info@whenfatmetfiction.com or call (828) 484-7440. The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign can be found at http://www.IGG.ME/AT/WFMF.

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Mother And Son Team Create Romantic Comedy Webseries

When Fact Met Fiction logo

Jon and Olivia from Webseries "When Fact Met Fiction"
Jeff Alexander (Left) as Jon Frank and Rebekah Babelay (Right) as Olivia Smith

ASHEVILLE, NC, – East Stream Studio, founded this year by Stefan Liner (CEO) and his mother Robin Liner (VP) have teamed up to create the company’s first Webseries, “When Fact Met Fiction”—a romantic comedy that takes place in Southern Appalachia. The show’s two leads are played by Jeff Alexander (Jon Frank) and Rebekah Babelay (Olivia Smith). Supporting roles are played by award winning actor Carol Anderson (Celeste Frank), Mondy Carter (Mel Tenant) and Madison Garris (Sunny Frank). The show will premiere on YouTube and Vimeo on Friday, December 2nd.


Robin Liner, VP / East Stream Studio
Robin Liner, Writer / Director

“When Fact Met Fiction celebrates southern culture. People in the Southern Appalachians love family, food and falling in love. A story that shows a woman combining entrepreneurship with family is something I can relate to, so it isn’t surprising it made its way into our story.” – Robin Liner, Writer / Director / VP, East Stream Studio

The story takes place in the office of Southern Sunset magazine, a lifestyle magazine owned by single mother and widow Celeste Frank. When Southern Sunset loses its lead writer with only a couple days left before an issue goes to print, Celeste is forced to call in a family favor to her brother in law Jon Frank, aka best selling romance novelist “Nathaniel Embers”.

Screen Capture Jon and Olivia Episode 3, Season 1, When Fact Met Fiction
Jon and Olivia in a moment of attraction from Episode 3

There’s only a handful of people that know Jon is Nathaniel Embers. Jon keeps it that way for personal and professional reasons. When Jon arrives at Southern Sunset to help, he’s immediately taken with the newest member of the Southern Sunset family, Olivia Smith, a young woman fresh out of college focused on her career as a technical editor.

Things don’t start off too well between the two when Olivia finds some dirt on Jon in a web search. What she doesn’t realize is the Jon that sits across from her now has changed and happens to be her favorite author, Nathaniel Embers. But Jon isn’t afraid of a challenge. He’s made up his mind to win Olivia’s heart and to do so without telling her about Nathaniel Embers.

Stefan Liner, CEO / East Stream Studio
Stefan Liner, Producer / Director

“We’re really excited to present “When Fact Met Fiction” as the first of many more East Stream Studio projects to come. Our desire is to tell stories that connect with people in a meaningful way and I believe “When Fact Met Fiction” will do just that.” – Stefan Liner, Producer / Dierctor / CEO,  East Stream Studio

East Stream Studio is dedicated to developing, producing and distributing quality entertainment for the Web, television and big screen. To find out more about the Web series “When Fact Met Fiction”, visit the show’s website at www.WhenFactMetFiction.com. You can also follow WFMF on Facebook and Instagram.