When Fact Met Fiction Has a Photo Shoot


Awhile back we sent out to subscribers of our newsletter a few pictures from the photo shoot we had done with Jeff Alexander and Rebekah Babelay. We had intended to post a more thorough article about the shoot itself a couple of weeks ago. But things got busy for Stefan (who is still out in California working on “Gold Dust“) and me, who has been attending to the list Stefan left me to cover while he is gone. Anyway, better late than never.

To start, I have to brag about Jeff and Rebekah. First, they worked this shoot into their schedules at the last minute without complaint and they were completely professional (most of the time – smiles).jo-silliness

Rebekah was lovely as always. It’s impossible to make her look bad and believe me we tried for episode 8. You’ll just have to wait to see what I’m talking about. With the modeling experience she had under her belt we were able to get a ton of great pictures in a short amount of time.

Not to belittle Rebekah’s greatness, but Jeff was a beast that day. He had just had major surgery a week and a half earlier, and, in spite of feeling like crap, was able to get his handsome on and muster some sizzling sex appeal (it doesn’t hurt that Jeff and Rebekah have cultivated some awesome chemistry). But they gave us some practical, crazy, and funny pictures as well, and we are so grateful.




Thanks to Jeff and Rebekah for going above and beyond and to Bclip Productions making some of their studio space available to us. As such, we were able to get everything we need to keep things moving forward for When Fact Met Fiction. If you’ve seen the header for this website of our Facebook page you’ve seen a glimpse of what we got accomplished.


Well, without further adieu. Check out the mini-gallery of our photo shoot:











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