Meet Jon Frank AKA Nathaniel Embers

Jon Frank may appear to be your average “guy next door” to most people, but to lovers of romantic fiction he is four time best-selling romance author Nathaniel Embers. However, his fans have no idea who the real Nathaniel Embers is and he would like to keep it that way. The reason behind the anonymity is due to a novel he wrote while he was still in college. It was filled with anger and bitterness directed toward the girl who had once been the object of his affection until her betrayal plunged him into despair. A small obscure publishing company picked the book up but the critics were so harsh toward Jon’s work that he was blacklisted.

Enter an up-and-coming literary agent named Rhonda who read the book and saw the rare talent behind the rude and spite-filled manuscript.  She encouraged Jon to write under a pen name and to find inspiration in something more positive. Soon, he began to produce novels with characters based on people who understood love, romance and life…his family. Writing these new books not only allowed Jon to reinvent himself as an author, but also to transform himself into a better man. A man who is ready to do more than simply write about love and romance. A man who is ready to experience it with the right woman. It also took him from a net worth of zero to that of over thirteen-million dollars in less than six years, but he’s not counting.jon-and-olivia_screen-capture_ep-3When Jon’s sister-in-law, Celeste, asks him to write some articles for her growing Southern lifestyle magazine, Southern Sunset, Jon finds an opportunity to help the family that inspired the books that have created his current success. In doing so, he also meets the magazine’s new copy editor, Olivia Smith, and decides she is the woman of his romantic dreams. Unfortunately, she only sees an undisciplined, blacklisted author with questionable fashion sense. It’s a good thing that Jon isn’t the type that gives up easily. He has a lot of work ahead of him if he is going to convince Olivia that anyone can change, and that you really can’t judge a book by it’s cover.