Carol Anderson

Meet Celeste Frank

Celeste Frank is the founder and owner of Southern Sunset, a home and gardens magazine always seeming to teeter on the edge of disaster. Celeste, with great heart,  but less organizational skills, has struggled to keep the magazine a float since her husband’s death a few years earlier. But this magazine is more than a job to Celeste Frank. It is a homage to the southern traditions instilled in her by her grandmother. It is an opportunity to help others feel the same warmth she felt as a child when she helped her Granny bake cakes and watched her pin up favorite magazine articles on her kitchen wall.

Celeste Frank

Somehow, in the midst of pulling her life together and raising her teenage daughter, Sunny, after Ben’s unexpected death in a car accident, she manages to land a contributing voice to Southern Sunset with the popular celebrity chef, Poppy Stanhope. As the readership begins to grow Celeste is emboldened enough to take on a ‘fresh out of college’ editor named Olivia Smith.

Celeste tries to convince Vic to stay - When Fact Met Fiction

But the up swinging pendulum begins its backwards decline with the no notice exit of Southern Sunsets main writer during deadline week. She begs a favor and gets her talented young brother in law, Jon Frank, to fill in the gap.  She along with Sunny and her art director Mel Tennant are among the few who know Jon’s identity as Nathaniel Embers, the popular author of romance fiction and she’s determined to keep it that way. But keeping his secret from their ever present, inquisitive new editor could prove to be a challenge.