Mondy carter When fact Met Fiction

Meet Mel Tennant

Mel Tennant is a man who marches to the beat of his own drum. Somehow in his life’s journey he ended up taking pictures for Ben Frank’s real estate company and the odd couple became best of friends. Their friendship spanned twelve years and Mel remained loyal to the Frank family even after Ben’s death.

When Fact Met Fiction- Mondy CarterWhen Celeste started Southern Sunset, Mel was her first choice for art director and he has maintained the position ever since. He takes his job very seriously and considers Celeste and Sunny to be his family. Although Celeste knows that Mel’s design style is often a bit tactless she kept him on because family is more important than fans. Because he views himself as a pure artist he wants every photo he takes to be the best it can be. He disdains stock photography and vows that Southern Sunset will never use someone else’s art. But ironically, the fans seem to enjoy Mel’s quirky style. It has helped to brand the growing magazine as it takes it’s place among other periodicals.

Mel TennantOn a personal level, Mel is a bit of a hermit. He lives deep in the woods on a piece of property his grandfather left him. He’s also very protective of those he cares about and has a big heart toward them. He has a bit of a crush on Celeste that he believes is his own little secret, but everyone around him is aware of it. Everyone that is, except Poppy Stanhope, “The bane of my existence,” as Mel would say. Poppy is the celebrity chef who contributes to Southern Sunset. yet it seems her greatest talent is antagonizing Mel. Perhaps they both doth protest too much. We’ll have to wait and see.