Meet Olivia Smith – Editor at Southern Sunset Magazine

If there was one word to describe Olivia Smith it might be the word, ‘DRIVEN’. At the age of fourteen she convinced her parents to enroll her in Early College because she wanted to get started climbing the editorial ladder by the age of twenty. She didn’t quite reach that goal, but she did graduate Summa Cum Laude two weeks after turning twenty-one. The youngest of three girls, Olivia has always been the odd duck out.  Her sisters are both married. The oldest is a homemaker who married her high school sweetheart and the next eldest is a model, who married…a model.WFMF_Production_Week-1_66



Both sisters are laid back in contrast to Olivia’s high strung perfectionist approach to life. They have never understood Olivia’s ambition or her love for vocabulary, grammar and books. Her father runs a small construction company and her mother teaches ballet at a small dance studio. Olivia has put “living” on hold in order to reach her career goals. She has convinced herself that it is not possible to have both a fulfilled life and a fulfilled career.

When Fact Met Fiction- Jeff Alexander and Rebekah Babelay

But meeting writer Jon Frank at her knew job may challenge the carefully planned path she has set for herself. To Olivia, Southern Sunset is the first rung on the ladder leading to her becoming a highly regarded editor in the literary world. She makes it very clear that she has no intention of allowing an attraction to a co-worker mess up her plans. But Jon won’t let her off that easy and deep down inside she may not want him too.