Madison Garris

Meet Sunny Frank

Sunny Frank is the sixteen year old daughter of Celeste Frank and the niece of Jon Frank. When Ben Frank, husband to Celeste, father to Sunny and brother to Jon. When Ben died unexpectedly in a car accident the entire family was shaken. Especially Sunny, who was only thirteen at the time. The tragic event caused the already quiet natured girl to become even more introverted and shy.

 Sunny Frank

Sunny began working at Southern Sunset Magazine in order to pay back her mother for several mailboxes she has backed over while attempting to learn how to drive. In order to pay off this rising debt she begins working in the design and layout department under the guidance of Mel Tennant. Since Mel has been a friend of the family for years, her new job doesn’t feel too intimidating.


At first, the idea of working at her mom’s magazine seemed like a good idea because it gave her an excuse for why she doesn’t have time for friends. But her new job has actually put her in a place where she has more friends than she realized. She has always liked Mel Tennant, the magazines art director, and she is quickly becoming close friends with Olivia Smith, the magazine’s new editor. But mostly Sunny gets to see her beloved Uncle Jon on a regular basis and that’s motivation enough to make the most of her new position. Add on a special new friend she is about to meet and it appears Sunny won’t be able to stay inside her shell for long.