Mother And Son Team Create Romantic Comedy Webseries

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Jon and Olivia from Webseries "When Fact Met Fiction"
Jeff Alexander (Left) as Jon Frank and Rebekah Babelay (Right) as Olivia Smith

ASHEVILLE, NC, – East Stream Studio, founded this year by Stefan Liner (CEO) and his mother Robin Liner (VP) have teamed up to create the company’s first Webseries, “When Fact Met Fiction”—a romantic comedy that takes place in Southern Appalachia. The show’s two leads are played by Jeff Alexander (Jon Frank) and Rebekah Babelay (Olivia Smith). Supporting roles are played by award winning actor Carol Anderson (Celeste Frank), Mondy Carter (Mel Tenant) and Madison Garris (Sunny Frank). The show will premiere on YouTube and Vimeo on Friday, December 2nd.


Robin Liner, VP / East Stream Studio
Robin Liner, Writer / Director

“When Fact Met Fiction celebrates southern culture. People in the Southern Appalachians love family, food and falling in love. A story that shows a woman combining entrepreneurship with family is something I can relate to, so it isn’t surprising it made its way into our story.” – Robin Liner, Writer / Director / VP, East Stream Studio

The story takes place in the office of Southern Sunset magazine, a lifestyle magazine owned by single mother and widow Celeste Frank. When Southern Sunset loses its lead writer with only a couple days left before an issue goes to print, Celeste is forced to call in a family favor to her brother in law Jon Frank, aka best selling romance novelist “Nathaniel Embers”.

Screen Capture Jon and Olivia Episode 3, Season 1, When Fact Met Fiction
Jon and Olivia in a moment of attraction from Episode 3

There’s only a handful of people that know Jon is Nathaniel Embers. Jon keeps it that way for personal and professional reasons. When Jon arrives at Southern Sunset to help, he’s immediately taken with the newest member of the Southern Sunset family, Olivia Smith, a young woman fresh out of college focused on her career as a technical editor.

Things don’t start off too well between the two when Olivia finds some dirt on Jon in a web search. What she doesn’t realize is the Jon that sits across from her now has changed and happens to be her favorite author, Nathaniel Embers. But Jon isn’t afraid of a challenge. He’s made up his mind to win Olivia’s heart and to do so without telling her about Nathaniel Embers.

Stefan Liner, CEO / East Stream Studio
Stefan Liner, Producer / Director

“We’re really excited to present “When Fact Met Fiction” as the first of many more East Stream Studio projects to come. Our desire is to tell stories that connect with people in a meaningful way and I believe “When Fact Met Fiction” will do just that.” – Stefan Liner, Producer / Dierctor / CEO,  East Stream Studio

East Stream Studio is dedicated to developing, producing and distributing quality entertainment for the Web, television and big screen. To find out more about the Web series “When Fact Met Fiction”, visit the show’s website at You can also follow WFMF on Facebook and Instagram.

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